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Acid Staining

Every GPT Construction concrete counter top is completely custom and one of kind. All of our concrete counter tops are hand finished giving each one its own unique characteristics. We use only top of the line acid stains and penetrating sealers on our concrete countertops and concrete bar tops. This ensures that you will never have to worry about pealing and flaking that can occur with other stains and sealers. Each of our acid stained counter tops are skillfully executed to yield the best result.

We use Acid Staining to create soft, earth tone color shades on concrete surfaces to create various effects. The acid stains are blended or layered with multiple colors to achieve deep lush looking concrete countertops. While the one color acid stained concrete countertops still have dimension, they never look painted. Achieving a simple clean look. No one countertop looks the same. The beauty of acid stained concrete! This technique is ideal for concrete counter tops because acid stained concrete surfaces are easy to clean and require little maintenance when properly sealed. Acid Staining is a cost effective alternative to more expensive and less durable counter top materials that require maintenance such as tile, granite and stone. Below are a few acid staining examples that show what GPT Construction can create on your concrete countertop!

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Acid Staining Projects