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Built to Last

Our goal is to create custom masonry focal points and accents that both compliment and enhance the value of your property. We take great pride in our craft and have earned a reputation for exceptional service, quality work and on-time delivery. Please take a look our Before and After gallery below to see a few amazing backyard transformations.

wood-fireplace-1 wood-fireplace-2

Outdoor Wood Fireplace

This 5’ wide by 8’ tall Outdoor Wood Fireplace in Rescue, California features poured in place concrete hearth, mantle, and chimney cap with a free standing bar to match, all veneered with flagstone. Full masonry and built to last! In this tight small space we extended the patio, to provide a hardscaped backyard retreat for this custom Outdoor Wood Fireplace and free standing bar. This Outdoor Wood Fireplace is finished off with Autumn Flame natural flagstone veneer, which has acid stained and sealed concrete tops and a nice blended pallet, to bring out the tones in the flagstone. We equipped this Outdoor Wood Fireplace with a 36” real firebrick firebox and damper to choke down the chimney draw and to push out the heat, which conserves the fuel. Equipped with a gas valve and log lighter, this Rescue Wood Fireplace lets you switch to a gas log set at any time.

Water Feature Pool

This Water Feature Pool in Benecia, California, is quite the feature! Composed of a swimming pool and water feature, it is designed to look like a natural waterfall. The chunky masonry of Montana Autumn Gold creates a tumbling slide of water. Full masonry and built to last! The grand water grotto entrance of 5′ wide by 8′ tall expands behind the waterfall. This entrance opens into a large rocky cavern. Designed with seating and a hidden grotto exit, sunbathers relax in this water feature pool. A stone pathway invites all swimmers to exit and enter the stone grotto or climb the masonry stone stairs to the swimming pool water slide. A focal point for any custom masonry Water Feature Pool.
water-feature-pool-1 water-feature-pool-2
swimming-pool-seat-wall-1 swimming-pool-seat-wall-2

Swimming Pool Seat Wall

This Masonry Swimming Pool Seat Wall in Folsom, California is the gem for any backyard! Clients rave that money is best spent on this masonry in their backyard. A Masonry Swimming Pool Seat Wall provides ample seating around a swimming pool, but it also offers so much more! Kids find a place on the Masonry Swimming Pool Seat Wall to put towels and toys; guests find a place to leave drinks. Without this extra space, the patio table becomes the backyard locker room. Masonry Swimming Pool Seat Walls can also tie your backyard design together. It creates a connection from one entertaining space to the next, creating an overall flow of the backyard design.

Raised Patio Masonry Retaining Wall

This 6′ tall by 50′ long Raised Patio Masonry Retaining Wall in El Dorado Hills, California was built with masonry cinder blocks. Full masonry and built to last! It was engineered to retain a very steep, unusable, sloping backyard. Acrylic stucco was used to give the Raised Patio Masonry Retaining Wall a vibrant color scheme. A black railing installed on top of the retaining wall follows the shape with style. Coupled with a masonry staircase for easy access, a raised patio provides an extreme view of Folsom Lake. This previously unusable, steep and sloping backyard transformed into a destination to view sunsets over the lake.
raised-patio-masonry-1 raised-patio-masonry-2
outdoor-kitchen-patio-1 outdoor-kitchen-patio-4
outdoor-kitchen-patio-2 outdoor-kitchen-patio-3

Outdoor Kitchen Patio

This Outdoor Kitchen Patio located in Sacramento, California features a 19 LF L shaped Sacramento BBQ Island placed on a new stamped concrete patio. Featuring a Sacramento outdoor fireplace, this Outdoor Kitchen Patio now contains a winding seat wall and water feature. Full masonry and built to last! All yard drainage and irrigation was rerouted and designed for the new water feature. This custom BBQ Island is topped off with poured in place concrete countertops with 12 LF of 12” cantilever bar. The dining table, seat walls, the caps on the water feature and the outdoor fireplace are acid stained and sealed a to beautifully blended pallet using multiple colors. Finishing this Outdoor Kitchen Patio with true beauty, the custom BBQ Island, seat wall, outdoor fireplace, and water feature feature full Mt. Moriah natural flag stone veneer. The Sacramento BBQ Island is dripping with features! Equipped with a 34” BBQ, 30” double doors for access, dual side burner, 14” triple drawers, trash drawer, cold water bar sink, 14” single door and a 4.4 cubic foot fridge. The custom front vent outdoor fireplace is 5’ wide by 5’ tall with a 36” firebox. Set up with gas logs, 8 LF seat walls extending off both sides and a back rest tying into the hearth. Concrete caps on the back rest and the water feature to tie everything together in this Outdoor Kitchen Patio. The water feature is 6’ wide x 5’ tall with a Mt. Moriah ledge stone water wall to match the flag stone veneer. A subtle sound of water trickling down the ledge stone lends a nice ambiance to this new Outdoor Kitchen Patio.

Outdoor Kitchen

Granite Bay Before_1 Granite Bay After_1
Before and After Outdoor Kitchen Eldorado Hills Backyard (2) Before and After Outdoor Kitchen Eldorado Hills Backyard (2)_1

Outdoor Kitchen