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Pizza Ovens

Our Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens or Outdoor Ovens as we refer to them, are custom creations, Built to Last with full masonry, for commercial-grade cooking at your home. Our custom built full masonry outdoor kitchens joined with a custom Pizza Oven can make a spectacular addition to any outdoor living space. The exceptional detail of our hand crafted surrounds coupled with the Forno Bravo Italian wood-fired masonry ovens gives cooking a new dimension.

Pizza Ovens Projects

About our Pizza Ovens

There is a misconception that Pizza Ovens are only for cooking pizza, when in reality you can cook a variety of meals, from pizza and breads to hour d’ vours , to your favorite meats. When cooking with our masonry Pizza Ovens, begin by building a fire to bring the oven up to the desired temperature. Then simply spread your coals around the edge of the oven to make way for your dish. You are now ready to start cooking for friends and family and enjoy the unique taste wood fired ovens bring to the table.

At GPT Construction we take extra steps in oven insulation. How your oven retains heat is very important when cooking with your wood fired oven. GPT’s unique construction creates an oven that reduces fuel consumption and increases your cooking time. The heat from a properly insulated oven continues for days, pro-longing the outdoor cooking experience. If you cook with your pizza oven Friday night, your GPT Pizza Oven will still be hot in the morning. Throw those ribs in before going out on your Saturday. Come home to falling off the bone! That’s how good our construction is.

A focal point for gatherings, our ovens provide the missing link to your Outdoor Kitchen. For a complete outdoor living experience we highly recommend a GPT Construction hand crafted Italian wood fired Pizza Oven incorporated into one of our custom Outdoor Kitchens. They also work well as a stand alone as your sole means for cooking.

Each of our Pizza Ovens are built with a variety of features. First and foremost, Full Masonry and Built to Last! Our Pizza Ovens are custom built on site to fit exactly into the desired space. We use our expertise and apply engineered footings and masonry structures to every pizza oven. Utensil storage above and wood storage beneath with an oversized hearth for pizza staging is standard issue at GPT Construction. Building with masonry we can create any theme or shape while implementing our time tested insulating procedures. The masters at what we do, GPT can create any look or texture you desire with multiple options for the finish of your Pizza Oven. With a clean, simple, color coat stucco; we can achieve multiple textures and colors. For a softer look we recommend using natural stone products; ledge stone, field stone or flag stone. Last but not least, here at GPT, we think you can never go wrong with brick. There are multiple styles of brick to choose from. Using natural products create timeless Pizza Ovens that will never seem dated. Always look good and last a lifetime!

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