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Folsom Pizza Oven

This 5’ wide 8’ tall Wood Fired Folsom Pizza Oven features a 44” cooking surface and two staging tables and a seat wall with poured in place concrete tops. Full Masonry, Built to Last! We finished off this Folsom Pizza Oven with a tan acrylic stucco veneer trimmed with Mt. Moriah natural ledgestone around the oven opening, at the top of the chimney. We also added matching natural flagstone to the seat wall, the landing and to the utensil shelves. The two staging table are 3 LF long with single vented doors for access and storage, a must if not coupled with a Folsom Outdoor Kitchen. This Folsom Wood Fired Pizza Oven is equipped with a Forno Bravo Casa 2g 110 insert for an engineered cooking space which provides optimum cooking. This hardscape outdoor cooking space is built with low voltage surface lights spread throughout. Giving the cooking enthusiast a pleasant and functional outdoor space during the day and night.

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