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Outdoor Folsom Pizza Oven

This 4’ wide 12’ tall Wood Fired Outdoor Folsom Pizza Oven features a 32” cooking surface and two staging tables with poured in place concrete tops and privacy wall. Full Masonry, Built to Last! We finished off this Folsom Pizza Oven with a tan acrylic stucco veneer trimmed with Carmel ledgestone around the oven opening and Petrified Seashore Natural flagstone on the landing and utensil shelves. The two staging table are 3 LF long with single vented doors for access and storage and , a must if not coupled with a Folsom Outdoor Kitchen. The staging area is also equipped with outlets for blenders or guests crock pots. The poured in place concrete countertops are acid stained and sealed a subtle brown to match the surrounding tones. This Folsom Wood Fired Pizza Oven is equipped with a Forno Bravo casa 2g 80 insert for an engineered cooking space to provide optimum cooking.

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