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Rocklin Pizza Oven

This full masonry, wood fired, backyard pizza oven is 6 feet tall with a 6 foot tall chimney. This massive 12 foot tall outdoor cooking structure is reinforced with cmu construction and is grouted solid. Built with an underneath, stucco finished wood storage; the crowning feature is a massive 36” interior engineered cooking surface capable of cooking 3 – 10 inch pies at the same time. This interior, domed, pizza oven is covered in a full Eldorado Stone veneer and features a flagstone pizza landing and flanked by acid stained and sealed concrete countertop prep/service areas. This pizza oven has a grouted solid surround to contain the intense heat temperature required for cooking all manner of foods. Our construction is so completely insulated that the exterior of the pizza oven remains cool to the touch and unaffected by the internal intense cooking temperatures. This stellar construction allows for plant growth and the mounting of electronics on the exterior; as seen here, with this mounted outdoor television, sports bar, set up. This functional design was created in collaboration with the homeowner by our design team. Options were purposed and discarded to get to the custom design which was eventually brought to life here. Thereby, getting exactly what the homeowner envisioned and needed. Another Built To Last! custom, real masonry construction, outdoor living space by the GPT Construction crew.

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