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Folsom Pizza Oven & Sports Bar

This full masonry, wood fired, backyard brick pizza oven is 5’6”x6’x8’ with a rebar enforced engineered footing. This one-of-a-kind, custom outdoor kitchen features a Forno Bravo Casa 2G90 brick oven dome insert and spotlights a 36” engineered cooking surface; allowing for a gorging three 10” pizza simultaneous cooking; imagine your guests creating their own individual pizza creations and serving it back to them in under 3 minutes. This kind of entertainment has no end. Underneath the pizza oven opening is a sizable wood storage space. This pizza oven features a brick mantle and hearth, and veneer. The best brick veneer utilized here is a local favorite;  Redwood Muddox brick. A heat temperate brick with engineered construction that will contain the intense heat of a pizza oven. The inside reached above 1000 but the outside is cool to the touch. Plants and vegetation have no problems surrounding this pizza oven. This old-world brick pizza oven design was created in collaboration with the homeowner and our design team. A Built To Last! custom, real masonry, brick, outdoor living space by the GPT Construction crew!

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