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Sacramento Pizza Oven

This 5’ x 5’ x 7’ tall full masonry, wood fired, backyard pizza oven is coupled with a rebar reinforced, grouted solid, full masonry, concrete top, stationary dining table. A 34 SQ’ concrete patio was built to match the existing exposed aggregate with a rebar reinforced footing for the large pizza oven. This pizza oven in Sacramento features a 40” pizza cooking surface and a brick pizza landing and brick shelving for pizza cooking utensils. Brick arches accent the wood box and pizza oven opening. The pizza oven has a complete brick veneer and chimney and has been built to last with an extra 6” masonry insulation to retain the intense heat and provide an optimal wood fired cooking experience. Our designer is the best in the business and concentrates on designing an outdoor living space that fits seamlessly into the existing space and turns an unused area into a family focal point. Your goal is to get the most for your money and our designers and masons are the best at giving it to you. Building in masonry adds value to your property and serves for generations. You, your children, your children’s children and beyond will enjoy what you have invested in. It’s Built To Last! and always; Say No To Pre-Fab!

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