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Vacaville Pizza Oven

This 5’ x 6.5’ x 8’2″ tall full masonry, wood fired, backyard pizza oven coupled with BBQ Island, Bar Island and Wood Fired Grill & Smoker. The existing concrete patio was built to include the rebar reinforced footing to support this 8′ tall , full masonry, pizza oven. This pizza oven in Vacaville features a flagstone pizza landing and flagstone utensil shelves. Stone trim accents the pizza oven opening which can house up to six 10” pizzas at a time. The pizza oven has a grouted solid surround to contain the intense heat temperatures for cooking the best pizza in a wood fired pizza oven. A wood storage area is designed for underneath the pizza oven. Our designer is the best in the business concentrating on practicality and functionality, keeping you cooking pizza’s 24 hours straight if you so choose. Speaking of design, people often wonder how to keep their pizza oven from smoking, and this is how: Build and design it right the first time with GPT Construction in full masonry, a grouted solid surround and with an engineered pizza dome. Real masonry construction, custom, Built To Last!

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