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Sacramento Brick Pizza Oven

This 5’ x 5’ x 6’ tall full masonry, wood fired, backyard pizza oven is 7 ½’ tall overall. Built partially into an existing patio and also constructing an additional rebar reinforced concrete footing to support this full masonry, stand alone, outdoor pizza oven.  Wood storage underneath with a brick veneer to match. This pizza oven features a Forno Bravo Casa 2G80 insert and is surrounded with masonry insulation for optimal outdoor cooking. This masonry construction project allows for an interior pizza oven cooking temperature to reach over a 1000 degree while keeping the exterior cool to the touch. The two side tables or seat walls and two brick planters finish off this perfect gourmet cooking, entertainment space. Our designers specialize in making a project match its existing environment. It’s Built To Last! and always; Say No To Pre-Fab!

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