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El Dorado Hills Outdoor Kitchen

This El Dorado Hills Outdoor Kitchen in California features a BBQ Island with a winged or u-shaped outdoor bar that was built onto an existing patio. The design team created a patio extension with a flagstone walkway that allowed for more walk space and connected a secondary patio. The outdoor kitchen design changed a limited space into something useable. This El Dorado Hills Outdoor Kitchen features a dual cantilever bar overlooking the BBQ Grill and prep area. This high-low bar set up separates the chef from the guests giving elbow room for all and a comfortable outdoor entertainment experience. Within this El Dorado Hills Outdoor Kitchen is a BBQ grill, a cold water sink, triple drawers, a refrigerator, and accompanying access doors. It’s all about design! We brought the hose bib and electrical outlet to the outside of the kitchen to bring it closer to the yard for ease of maintenance. Real stone was installed for the backsplash while the countertops are poured in place concrete; acid stained a rich earth color. Finally, a lighting and outlet package illuminates and caters to the entire outdoor entertainment space. Full Masonry, Built To Last! Say No To Pre-Fab!

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