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Fair Oaks Outdoor Living Space

This Fair Oaks Outdoor Living Space located in sunny California features an Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven, a complete BBQ island and custom outdoor sports bar with dual beer tap. Full masonry, Built to last! We gave this Fair Oaks Barbecue island and wood fired pizza oven a massive wrap-around cooking surface which houses multiple pieces of equipment. This Fair Oaks Outdoor Kitchen features dual cooking stations consisting of a stainless steel bar-be-que and a wood fired pizza oven with a concrete pizza stone landing. This Fair Oaks BBQ Island is finished off with a colored poured in place concrete counter top, stone backsplash and with acrylic stucco veneer. The pizza oven is accented with a stone cap and pizza oven utensil shelf in stone. Stone is also used in the firebox opening under the Fair Oaks pizza oven. Opposite is a full masonry sports bar island complete with sink and refrigerated dual beer tap dispenser. A backyard entertainment space that checks every box! Say No To Pre-Fab!

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