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Outdoor Fireplace with Rustic Ledgestone

Outdoor Fireplace located in Rancho Murieta, California. This 5’ wide 8’ tall Outdoor Rancho Murieta Fireplace features ledgestone veneer with extended hearth and grand walls to enclose the new space. Full Masonry, Built to Last! We poured a new concrete patio to match with natural flagstone ribbon to tie it all together. The walls extending off the Rancho Murieta Outdoor Fireplace were needed to hold back the hillside and expand the usable space in this backyard renovation. The Custom Outdoor Fireplace is finished off with a combination of rustic ledgestone and imperfect smooth stucco. Chiseled stone caps complete the heart, mantle, chimney cap and retaining walls. We equipped this Rancho Murieta Outdoor Fireplace with a 36” real firebrick firebox and damper which chokes down the chimney draw and pushes out the heat, while conserving fuel. Equipped with a gas valve and log lighter this Rancho Murieta Fireplace lets you switch to a gas log set at any time.

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