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Outdoor Fireplace with Texas Cream Limestone and Buckskin Cap Stones

Outdoor Fireplace located in Folsom, California. This 5’ wide x 8’ tall corner-set Outdoor Folsom fireplace is tucked into an existing yard on the pool side. It features a beautiful flagstone patio and 13 LF of 12” cantilever bar. Full Masonry, Built to Last! We frenched this custom outdoor fireplace and bar into the hillside to give more patio space while hiding the pool equipment. This Folsom outdoor fireplace is plumbed with gas and is equipped with a 36” real firebrick firebox. The interior damper chokes down the chimney draw to push out the heat while conserving fuel and the installed gas valve creates easy ignition with a log lighter and lets the client switch to a gas log set at any time. The natural flagstone patio increased the space to “hang out” and enjoy the pool, where before there was very little extra space. This Folsom outdoor fireplace is finished off with Texas Cream Limestone and tan acrylic sponge float stucco veneer to break up the textures. The extended hearth and seat wall are topped off with Buckskin chiseled precast cap stones. This showcases what we do best here at GPT, clean seamless installs that do not look like after thoughts in yards that have been there for years.

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