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Rocklin Outdoor Living Space

This Rocklin Outdoor Living Space located in California features an 11 LF Rocklin BBQ Island, a 2’ radius gas Rocklin Fire Pit with a 10 LF seat wall by the spa. Full Masonry, Built to Last! A seat wall by the spa gives spa goers a place to set their drinks, towels,and other items, as well as a place to pre spa. A must for any pool. This Rocklin BBQ Island and seat wall are topped off with poured in place concrete tops, acid stained and sealed, a nice blended pallet using multiple colors. The fire pit is capped with Mt. Moriah natural flagstone for a durable high abuse surface. This custom BBQ Island has 11LF of 12” cantilever bar pool side with a Mt. Moriah natural flagstone ribbon through the concrete patio. We veneered this Rocklin BBQ Island, fire pit and seat wall with Mesquite ledgestone to match the tones in the pool tile to tie it all together. Clean! This Rocklin BBQ Island features a 34” BBQ with 30” double doors, triple drawers, cold water bar sink, 14” single door and a slot for an ice chest or future fridge. Complete outdoor entertainment.

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